Feel stuck with your PR and visibility?

Would it help to have a dedicated one hour conversation with an expert on whatever it is you want to focus on?

Don't want to invest in a full PR programme at the moment, but you need help and maybe you’re curious and want to try me out first?

We can cover pretty much anything. I can help you get clarity on a range of PR and visibility challenges. When you spend an hour completely focused on something, it's amazing what you can achieve!

If any of these issues sound familiar we should chat.

Do you have an idea for a particular story and you just don’t know where to start?                                       


Maybe you have a PR project or story and you really want it to work - and you need expert and guidance to maximise your chance of success.    


Do you need more clarity on your message – why YOUR business is different & why people should choose you – in a way that’s concise, compelling & stands out from your competitors?

You’re probably a start-up or even a micro business and it’s just down to you.

You know you need to elevate your visibility and you just don't know where to start!

Maybe you’re a marketing executive and you want to be more effective working with the media.

And you absolutely need to make the best use of a small budget.

If this sounds like you then we should chat…

What to expect

What will I get?

You will get one hour of uninterrupted time to talk through a business challenge you are facing, get expert PR advice, work through a challenging situation - pretty much anything you want to use the time for.

Whatever the topic, the time is 100% yours.

You get to pick my PR brains for an hour and leave feeling empowered and with so much information. 

We’ll talk everything through – your plans, your goals & what’s holding you back right now.

How does it work?

Generally we will talk using web conferencing, so the most important thing you need to do is make sure you have a quiet place to talk, and at a time when you will not be interrupted. Please also keep a pen and notepad ready so that you can take notes during the session.

If you have a preference for a phone call we can of course do that instead.

The format is flexible and free flow and I encourage you to take notes while we talk.

How do I prepare?

I’ve got that covered!

When you book your session you’ll find a series of questions that helps you focus your mind, and also give me some vital background information so we can make the most of our time together.

If this is what you want and what you need then please


A 1:1 PR Power Hour is perfect for you!

By the end of our 60-minutes together, you’ll leave with absolute clarity, knowing the exact next steps to take. You’ll feel completely confident to move forward & excited to crack on!

All for a total investment of just £199 (plus VAT)

PR Power Hour slots are strictly limited though & do fill up fast each month.

So if you’re ready to take the next step – here’s where you can book your PR Power Hour, straight into my diary.


Why Book Your Power Hour with me?

Well, simply put I bring 30+ years as a journalist so I know what they’re looking for! I know what a great story looks like and I can help you build powerful impactful and compelling stories to maximise your visibility!

Knowing me could open doors for you and an hour with me could save you time and money chasing smoke and mirrors.

I’m still a freelance journalist, tv producer and director and also run my consultancy with a group of trusted professionals, many of whom also work in the media. I have an enviable little black book and sometimes if I feel there's someone you need to know right now I may make that connection straight away.

An hour with me means you'll understand PR and how much time and effort it actually takes. 

Don’t just take my word for it.

Take a look at these testimonials!

I had an amazing Power Hour with Fiona from Scott Media. She has given great insight to approaching social media and blogs for my business. Fiona really helped me think about my social media presence and how to use some work I do with a high profile client and how positive it would be for me and the client to use the photos I take of her. I hadn't considered tone of voice for writing posts - I was over thinking them which then in turn was taking up so much of my time! Fiona also had some great tricks for blogs and what to say on each platform. A really well spent hour that has really motivated me on the necessity of doing social media for my photography business, I would definitely recommend any business to book a Power Hour! 

Debbie Hare. Debbie Hare Photography

Whether you are a new business or have been going for years we all need a push sometimes. I believe that Fiona Scott can give you this and more. Yes, she is a journalist but with incredible business knowledge and a no-nonsense attitude she will be totally honest with you but also give amazing advice on how to go about press releases. It certainly gave us new thoughts about our marketing strategy and also an eye opener of how to widen our business goals! She taught us tips on how to use our audience and how to grow. See No Bounds can highly recommend a power hour of a lifetime.

Jamie McAnsh. Co-Founder of See No Bounds 

Had a power hour this morning, and my notes are 4 pages long. The value of information is incredible, Fiona shows such passion and love for what she offers and it really shines through. Fiona asked about our business vision and goals and created ideas around that, it was all about ensuring our business was a success through knowledge and power. Fiona was really clear about what we should do, how and why, with everything broken down into easy to understand tasks and ideas. My mind is now buzzing! 🙂 Thank you.

Danielle Holmes. Black Nova Designs

I’ve known Fiona Scott for a while now and have seen the successes she has had with her clients so when I saw she was doing a power hour I thought it would be a great way to get ready for the year ahead. From the moment we got onto the call Fiona loaded me tools, resources and trade insights - free and paid - which I could go and do immediately and also plan for the future. She left me with; something I could do today, an idea of how I could start to prepare myself and my business for the month to come and tools to prepare me for the media that I can use indefinitely. The best money I’ve spent this year and it left me looking forward to being PR ready for 2021. Thank you Fiona. 

Danny Matthews. Danny&co.

I would just like to thank Fiona Scott for an extremely useful Power Hour. A brilliant meeting with some excellent things discussed, ideas and plans to be explored moving forward with regards to my business. ( I am grateful to Fiona for her time and support – it is very much appreciated) My head came away buzzing with ideas! If you are looking for some inspiration and a different perspective on things for your business - I can thoroughly recommend that you take the opportunity of booking a Power Hour with Fiona Scott. You will not be disappointed.

Philippa Pearson. Witts End Business Services

I’m a big fan of Fiona’s Power Hours as they have helped me so much. Not only to stay visible through the pandemic but also for advice and guidance for my business. Fiona’s insight and understanding of what I needed for my business was second to none and I’m so grateful for her support this past year. 

Jodie Frasier. Fraser Allen Estate Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to Power Up the visibility and PR for your business?


So if you’re ready to take the next step – here’s where you can book your PR Power Hour, straight into my diary.